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Variety of shades auburn hair

The color of auburn hair is multifaceted. In the classical version, it is brown with a small admixture of red. However, when a small admixture of other tones is added to this color, it begins to play with new colors. So,  let’s list the main shades of auburn hair:

  • light chestnut can be mixed with walnut, caramel, gold, amber, honey or pearl tones
  • medium chestnut – has shades of red, crimson or frosty
  • dark chestnut – a color with an admixture of chocolate or dark gray with a pearl of graphite.




So, auburn hair can quickly burn out in the sun. That is why the stylists advise from the very beginning to paint them more intensively, especially the roots. Otherwise, you will have to visit the salon often enough.

Who fits a rich auburn hair?

Experts, colorists warn that when choosing the right shade, you should always focus on the skin tone and eye color. After all, the shades of auburn hair can be both cold and warm:

  1. light-skinned girls prefer to choose light auburn hair hair color with hints of ripe cherry, snow-white skin with a milky shade of winter type also perfectly blends in with all the cool red, coffee and chestnut-gray hues
  2. summer-type skin with a small bluish podton most successfully looks on the background of coffee-chestnut or coffee-gray
  3.  at a skin of type of a spring it is better to be painted in warm golden-chestnut or amber shades of this color
  4. green-eyed beauties are ideal for a chestnut with a touch of honey
  5. autumn skin type of ivory color is well combined with chestnut-brick or copper
  6. darker-type autumn is better to choose chestnut-nutty tones

On auburn hair tresses, trendy seasons in this season, such as bronzing, shatush or obmre, are very impressive. After all, the contrast between dark and light curls looks much more impressive than the usual uniform coloration.

If you decide to have auburn hair, then even in an expensive salon, first take a closer look at the master’s work and the final result. Perhaps the style in which he works, you do not quite fit.


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