Shoulder length haircut

10 little-known facts about shoulder length haircut

During the warm months, all in orderly rows are sent to the hairdresser.
10 little-known facts that you should know about before deciding to take this step.

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Do not focus on the same haircut

No doubt, we all have a lot of haircut photos that we would like to do on Pinterest, but dont get hung up on your vision. When you come to the salon, a hairdresser can explain to you that a certain haircut will not be successful for your hair, or it may require much more care than you could imagine. Open to tips will help you choose a beautiful shoulder length haircut for you.

Frequent haircut does not guarantee more rapid growth of hair.

Trimming the tips does not directly affect hair growth. The tips of the hair are not associated with the follicles that are located in the scalp, namely, they determine the speed and intensity of hair growth. Trimming the tips only helps keep hair healthy as it grows.

Postpone the trip to the hairdresser.

Span time between trips to the hairdresser to shorten the tips, instead of the usual 6-8 weeks. The tips begin to split somewhere in 3-4 months, so at this time it is best to go for a shoulder length haircut. Layering should be reasonable.

Haircut, shoulder length haircut, should be selected in accordance with the type of hair

More pronounced curls will look better in a multi-level haircut with fuzzy borders, and straight lines with more clearly defined levels.

Do not wash your hair before going to the hairdresser

Before you go to the hairdresser do not need to impose beauty and wash your hair. In the barbershop they will be washed anyway. No need to dry the epidermis with a double wash.

Natural hair is best cut dry

You need to know that shoulder length haircut should be done on dry hair. Give preference to a salon that specializes in the care of natural hair, so that your hairstyle is as successful as possible.

Want to save money on a shoulder length haircut?

Get acquainted first with sites that offer the services of novice hairdressers.
Take a look at a similar site where you can become a volunteer as a model for beginner certified hairdressers who need to work a certain number of hours. You will fall into safe hands at half price or even less.

Bangs are different

If you

want to get a bang, find out first what is right for your type of face and hair. Long sparse bangs are usually well decorated with a square face, and a shorter bang will beautifully frame a round face.

For a short shoulder length haircut need more thorough care

If you become the owner of a short haircut, it does not mean that hair care is simplified. In order for them to keep their form and style, as a rule, it is necessary to visit the hairdressing salon more often, which ultimately draws more money (and temporary).

If the hair is not cut, then not only the ends will begin to split

If you do not cut the ends, then the hair will begin to cut along the entire length, because of this, they will become brittle and weak. If you see that you have more broken ends than healthy ones, then its time to go to the hairdresser.


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